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Read More. Artists in particular and some members of the public had made it a habit of wearing camouflage attire or regalia that resemble military uniforms, but the new police boss, Okoth Ochola has come out to warn all those doing it that enforcement is underway. They've warned all those with such outfits to hand them over with immediate effect.

Once arrested and tried, one could be slapped with a jail sentence of up to 7 years. Days after releasing his Superstar video, Chameleone went for the Euro tour that will see him perfoming in different locations for over a month.

Yesterday, he was in Cologne, today in Amsterdam and will crown off the tour with the London show in November The hacker first demanded for money and later resorted to selling the account, but none of the options were working before resorting to flooding the star's account with a series of obscene pics. The hacker went on to open up another account in Chameleone's name asking the followers to report that his account had been hacked, but Chameleone's son, Abba Marcus was quick to make a post asking them not to follow the account.

Thanks my friends and fans who keep me inspired to keep Going. I lost my old Instagram Account to hackers. Please follow my new Instagram Account. Not long back, to be exact on August 02, Chameleone's Facebook account was hacked and the hacker made a post that Chameleone had separated with his wife, he came out to clear the air; Daniella and I are still together, my account was hacked-Chameleone.

The account with over followers and 1, plus posts is now under the management of a jobless millionaire from Mbeya, a city in South West Tanzania. Chameleone and Daniella are seen striking a pose next to their latest 'baby' a Dodge Charger. Weasel was among the patrons that Chameleone served. Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine. Related: Dorothy Shonga is the new owner of Space Lounge.

How long have you been doing music? I was later signed by Kenyan record label, Ogopa DJ's. My first album was Bageya and it was done infollowed by Mama Mia in Njokaribu and Golden Vice followed in that order. Sivyyo Ndivyo and Katupakase were the albums. Other than music what else do you do for a living? I have been saving for the last 20 years. When I'm not on stage, I'm a farmer. I have 20 acres of land in Mityana, 1 square mile in Mubende.

I have goats and cows on all my farms. I have acres of maize, I also have several apartments where I get rent, Daniella is in charge.

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What is your take on the local music awards? Every artist deserves to be awarded for the work well done, but some organizers don't understand the music industry. They fabricate generations of musicians. It's been a while since you last won an award! Awards are needed by upcoming artistes to establish their careers, I built my career on a solid foundation with amazing love from my fans all over Africa and beyond. It was a double celebration for the Mayanja's as Chameleone marked his 38th birthday at Cayenne.

Daniella was clad in a black leather dress that showed off her ample behind. Chameleone's US based elder brother, Humphrey Mayanja, was in attendance.

It's cold lately and since it was a birthday party cum a Daniella return celebration, Chameleone put on what looked like her cardigan on black jeans. The last one month was a nightmare as Daniella had left the singer's Sseguku based home together with the children, but now, they are all back.

Daniella serving the birthday boy who did not disappoint. They all have a social media presence and Barbie being an author, it's not unusual to come across a good post.Hello, Brother. Majid Alemi Junior. For the two most humiliating and damaging episodes of the year concerned such staples as an old-fashioned saucy Sunday tabloid expose and a radio phone stunt involving a much-loved veteran of television sitcom. And both backfired spectacularly.

Between them, these two incidents comprised a cast beyond the imagination of the most ambitious producer of a Whitehall farce. First, there was the international head of Formula One racing having his bare bottom spanked by a woman dressed in suspenders and a Luftwaffe jacket, barking orders at him in German. Both episodes prompted much tittering. The public lapped it up. These would have been dangerous own goals in the best of times, but has also been a year when the business model of traditional media has deteriorated at a terrifying rate, as the downturn in the global markets prompted a collapse in advertising revenues.

Media businesses have been forced to restructure, ahead of what is expected to be a painful The Daily Mail and General Trust announced the cutting of jobs last month. Publishers Emap and Haymarket also undertook significant reductions in their headcounts. Further cuts are taking place at Telegraph Media Group and job losses are expected at the Financial Times.

Robert Peston took advantage of the banking crisis to turn himself into that rare thing: A business journalist who is recognized by the public. Andrew Gilligan, the former Radio 4 Today program correspondent, who was pilloried for having triggered the events that led to the disastrous Hutton Inquiry that destabilized the BBC infound himself named Reporter of the Year for his investigations for the London Evening Standard into the office of the London Mayor, Ken Livingstone. Though Gilligan claims his reporting did not determine the election result in May, it can only have helped his fellow journalist and friend Boris Johnson to win office.

Livingstone, meanwhile, rejoined the media himself, taking a presenting role on London radio station LBC. The year had begun with another remarkable media comeback, as Sir Trevor McDonald brought back the bongs, presenting a revived News at Ten alongside Julie Etchingham.

The move was not a ratings winner. Fellow newscaster Natasha Kaplinsky left the BBC to become the face of Five News in February, leaving shortly afterwards to have a baby and prompting a row over her maternity cover that led to Selina Scott taking action for age discrimination when she was overlooked. Channel Five also got a new chief executive, Dawn Airey, who quit after just a year as director of global of content at ITV, where she had been seen as a possible successor to chief executive Michael Grade.

By the end of the year Noel Edmonds and the former Daily Telegraph editor Charles Moore were merely the most prominent of a vociferous group of license fee refuseniks. The press endured another turbulent year, buffeted not just by the pace of change online but attacked by the judiciary and even from within their own ranks. Further rows over journalistic standards emerged from the battlefields of Afghanistan, the supermarket aisles and from beyond the grave.

Obote himself before he left for Singapore. Futhermore on the same day of Januarya Military Junta was formed and Negotions for a Military Head of Government was searched and negotiated. During the same day and the same periodthere were not many Senior Military Officers of Tribes. However there were only four who were in Uganda and one was outside Uganda. While Mr.

And a propasal to create a Council of State to replace the Queen of England as the Chief of State Head of State of Ugandathus reclaiming back our Uganda ' s Sovereignty which Britain refused to relinguish since Erinayo OryiemaMr.

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nafunye musoga mp3

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Kay Wallet Feelalright 1. Brother leo Shabiiirah Plays Downloads. Dton Mia Mar Plays 19 Downloads. Slum G ft Tear Ottu Sugar sugar 1. Shantal Baiby Ogu Plays Downloads. Coco Banton And Kiant Mungi 2. Rasta Hillz Hustler Plays 22 Downloads. Abex Rymes Nunda 1. Boy Bank Tukikole 3. Sinanti Sidda Mukyalo Plays Downloads.KingKongPumpin ekyo si kikulu, Oyo musevenii ssi yenanyi Uganda, Uganda yange nawe, era teli ayinza kulemessa kugyagala okujjako nga ossangidwa tolina mwoyo gwayo!!!!!!!!

Soo tewekwasa.

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Indeed these songs about being Ugandan are very good. But they make me sad that my beautiful and nice country has been ruled by a hitleristic foreigner whose only hidden intention is to wreck and destroy his country of refugee. Namawanda Irene l am proud to be Uganda and the most thing is i am saved and i love salt media programs and i miss cannan land at hpm may GOD bless our pastors.

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nafunye musoga mp3

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nafunye musoga mp3

View All Posts. Jet Mivule. Kangume Tom Hodge. God bless you lady, you're such an inspiration. Mutanda Sadat. I am so proud of being a Uganda and more so a Musoga. Grace Davis. Ugandan and proud! Jovin Abwot. Nas Has. Waiswa Magoola. Jochim Jogenda. Very inspirational. Okwir Charles Ray.

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Tumwijukye Richard. Alice Wansa. Zaitun Kizza. I'm a Ugandan by nationality muganda viva to Judith B. Namawanda Irene.Quiin had just returned to Uganda following her success at the Miss World pageant and she met with her president. His advice to her during their meeting yesterday was that she should stop wearing weaves and flaunt her natural hair. Abenakyo is indeed a tall, beautiful Musoga girl. My only concern is that she was wearing Indian hair. I have encouraged her to keep her natural, African hair.

We must show African beauty in its natural form. You must be logged in to post a comment. Fans of Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas are finding it hard to keep up with how many events the celebrity….

NaijaSpects Welcome to Naijaspects. Spread the love. Related Posts. Miss Pru — Wena Wedwa Ft. Cici MP3. Cici, Ambitiouz…. Thai lottery paper 4pc non miss sure Thai lottery paper 4pc non miss sure Thai lottery paper 4pc non miss…. Author: Roland Aborisade. Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment.

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Next Up. Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas share photos from their second "more personal" wedding reception in Mumbai Fans of Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas are finding it hard to keep up with how many events the celebrity….Sinay sahrosi hozirgi Misrning shimoli—sharqidadir. Ikkinchi qismda Isroil xalqining sahroda tortgan mashaqqatlari haqida hikoya qilinadi.

Shuning uchun Xudo Isroil xalqini jazolaydi. Lekin Balom Isroil xalqini qayta—qayta duo qiladi. Shu tariqa Muso Sinay sahrosida Isroil xalqini sanab chiqdi.

Sharqiy qarorgoh. Issaxor qabilasining. Janubiy qarorgoh. Qarorgohlarning markazi. Qabilalar qay tartibda. Shimoliy qarorgoh. Ikkovi ham befarzand edi. Ular Horunga yordam berishsin. Levilar Menikidir. Zotan, Men Egangizman. Men Egangizman. Xontaxta ustida muqaddas nonlar doimo tursin. Axir, Men xalqim orasida yashayman.

Bu nazr ayol aybdor yoki aybdor emasligini bilish uchun keltirilayotgan rashk nazridir. U bunday qilganda hamma un Xudoga tegishli ekanini bildiradi. Keyin ayolga achchiq suvdan ichirsin. Ruhoniy esa yuqoridagi qonunga binoan ish tutsin. Uzumdan tayyorlangan biror ichimlikni zinhor ichmasin.

Shuning uchun nazr qilingan odam yetti kundan keyin sochini oldirsin.Samarqandda Bibikhonim masjidi yaqinida shaharning eng qadimiy obidalaridan biri Hazrati Khizr masjidi joylashgan.

Rivoyatlarda keltiriladiki, uz mavqei va maqomidan qalbi gurur hissiga tulgan Muso alaykhissalom kunlarning birida Yaratganga qarata nido qildi:. Uni Fors va Rum dengizlari tutashgan erda topishing mumkin. Hazrati Muso Parvardigor tarafidan eng bilimdon banda deya etirof etilgan banda — Khizr a. Yul ozuqasi uchun pishirlgan baliq ham olgan edi. Shu asnoda qulidan tomib turgan suv, beikhtiyor khaltadagi baliqlarga ham oqib ketdi. Muso namoz uqidi va yana yulga tushdi. Kup yurmay, unutib qoldirilgan khaltasi yodiga tushib ortiga qaytdi.

U erda bir chol namoz uqib turardi. Khaltasining esa, ogzi ochiq, baliqlardan nomu nishon qolmagan. Muso cholning ibodatini tugatishini kutib turdi. Keyin unga salom berib, baliqlarni surishtirdi. Uni ichgan kimsalar mangu yashaydilar. Seni kutib turgandim, — dedi muysafid nuroniy tabassum bilan. Iltimos, menga hali uzim bilmagan narsalarni urgating. Meni uzingizga hamroh qiling. Chunki, men har bir ishimin bilib qilaman. Muso uning shartiga rozi buldi. Ikkovlon yulga tushishdi.

Ancha yurishgach, oldilaridan azim bir daryo chiqib qoldi. Qirgoqdagi aka — uka qayiqchilardan narigi sohilga utkazib quyishni surashdi. Yulning yarmiga etganda Khizr qulidagi pichogi bilan qayiqning bir qismidan ozgina teshik ocha boshladi. Muso uning bu ishiga sira tushuna olmadi. Okhiri sabri chidamay, undan suradi:. Ular shu yumush bilan tirikchilik qilishadi. Muso undan kechirim suradi va indamay yulida davom etdi. Daryoning narigi sohiliga utib olgach, kuchada uynab yurgan bir tuda bolalarga duch kelishdi.

Khizr bolalarni zimdan kuzatib turdi-da, ularning orasidan bittasini ajratib olib, kaltakladi. Bu holatdan Muso dahshatga tushdi. Yana uzini savol berishdan tutib turolmadi:. Agar yana bir marta shunaqa qiladigan bulsang, usha erda yulimiz ikkiga ayriladi. Muso galati hamrohining bu gapiga rozi bulishdan uzga iloji yuq edi. Yana yulga tushdilar. Akhiyri Antiokhiya shahriga etib kelishdi. Ular uzoq yul bosib, charchagan, ozuqalari ham tugagan edi.


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