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Thus at one end of the spectrum, in fact just beyond the border of Contract Labour, there are the hidden or disguised employment relationships. In this situation, all of the characteristics laid down in national law for the existence of an employment relationship between a worker and an employer are displayed, but in order to avoid legal obligations, an attempt has been made to cloak that relationship in another form.

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Before grappling with a universal definition, it may be helpful for a moment to focus on what the sources of concern among ILO constituents in this context have been.

The ILO Convention on Contract Labour that was proposed in met strong resistance from most of the countries, and difficulties even arose in its translation into French and Spanish. Convention states that its purpose is to allow the operation of private employment agencies as well as the protection of the workers using their services.

Pakistan is among those nations that have not ratified this Convention. Over the past couple of decades, the representatives of Pakistani workers have been vociferously agitating against the culture of Contract Labour and the federal and provincial governments attempt to mollify them with political pledges to formalize Contract Labour through legislation.

The prime reasons why representatives of workers are against Contract Labour include the fact that these workers are not members of any labour union because they are not permanent employees of the principal employers.

Moreover, as is generally the prevailing system, there is an informal bilateral agreement between the employers and the contract workers. It is alleged, and to a large degree is correct, that the Contract Labour is denied all benefits and privileges that a permanent worker enjoys under the various labour legislations. The leaders of workers are also rightly concerned with the fact that the Contract Labour do not have job security and that the Damocles Sword of termination without any benefits or notice is dangling over their heads.

The genesis of Contract Labour in Pakistan was the volatile and disruptive industrial human resource situation during the early s when a free-for-all right was granted to the industrial workers.

Those were the days of nationalization, days of tarnishing the image and contributions of the private sector, days of plethora of industrial cases, many frivolous, in Labour Courts, days of strikes, violence, and harassment, and days of flight of capital.

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Sanity was gradually restored from and many industrial SMEs decided on a policy of hiring Contract Labour and discouraging Unions in their industries. Contract Labour, in one way or another, has been in vogue for a long time. Outsourcing is one form of Contract Employment. Enterprises have been outsourcing janitorial services, security guards, accounting services, landscaping, and transport services, etc.

Hence the salaries, perks and benefits of workers or employees from these services are not the direct responsibility of the principal employers because all these costs are factored in the rate agreements.

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This trend is continuing and growing and now freelancing is getting momentum. Thus the number of permanent and job-secured employees is percentage-wise lower than what it was in the past. However, there is still the culture of bilateral, informal Contract Labour agreement between the employer and the employee. Notwithstanding this prevalent system, the good news is that employee service providers are now able to establish formal agreements with many industries.

This is overall beneficial to the principal employer, the service provider, and the Contract Labour who are on the payroll of these providers.To Regions. This network represents one of the most powerful attributes of IOE. First, our membership is global in character. We do not represent one nation or one region. Second, it encompasses a comprehensive representation of business. Our member organisations do not represent just one type or size of business, or one sector of the economy, and so we speak for all businesses regardless of size, industry, location or legal structure.

For many years, the IOE has been our champion, protecting, supporting and guiding us in the ILO in lodging complaints of harassment by our government, raising awareness, and calling the urgent attention of the international media to the serious threats with which we are confronted and the need for the government to be held to account at the highest level.

IOE membership allows French business representatives to be part of the global employer team in the ILO, at the G20, and in other important forums, and ensures that the priorities of those we serve - French companies and professional organisations alike — are taken into account in the international policymaking scene.

As for our services to individual members, we provide opportunities for direct access to the ILO Supervisory Mechanism and speaking at ILO meetings and other international organisations, and to co-host and organise meetings and training sessions with the IOE on topics of most relevance to your affiliates. This website uses cookies. Cookies are used for the user interface and web analytics and help to make this website better. About Us. International Organisations.

Policy Priorities. Business Networks. Our members are the heart and soul of IOE, and it is our distinct privilege to serve your interests in every possible way.

Our primary job is to be agents of change and representatives at institutional debates on the most pressing issues for business. This means we advocate for your interests and those of your affiliates by influencing international policies for the best outcomes for business. We also develop policy recommendations to be used at national level and collaborate with partners to build strength and expertise, and to achieve maximum impact in a growing number of international forums.

Convening: facilitating networking among our members and partners On your behalf, we facilitate and coordinate meetings and organise conferences, workshops, seminars and training on national, regional and international levels.

In this way, we can best determine your most pressing issues and needs, identify key trends affecting you and respond in a timely and relevant manner. By providing venues and platforms for networking and collaboration, we empower you to exchange your questions, your experiences and your ideas with each other. We provide a platform for business interaction with the ILO.

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We supply direct technical assistance on social and employment issues that specifically affect your organisation and affiliates. We communicate with you, to inform, advise, influence and provide guidance on all relevant policy areas.

Our knowledge-sharing and capacity-building webinars, presentations, publications and training are designed to synthesise global trends and provide analysis with helpful and actionable insights. You garner international recognition and consolidate your reputation as the go-to business organisation for the range of national influencers and thought leaders.

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employers federation of pakistan jobs

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employers federation of pakistan jobs

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Please note that the finalized report will be the property of the ILO and may, depending on the findings, be treated as an internal document and not used for publication. The finalized report is expected by 31 January The programme also commissions and conducts research to improve knowledge of the relevant sectors. The project also seeks to support the potential reform of labour dispute resolution mechanisms and the existing freedom of association and collective bargaining provisions.

The project coordinates with our colleagues within Better Work, who plan to pilot a three year Better Work pilot project focusing on the textile and readymade garment sector.

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However, its status is conditional on improved implementation of its international obligations, including those relating to environment and labour standards. Textiles and RMG have been of particular significance, as they together make the largest contribution to non-agricultural GDP. The major markets for such exports are the European Union and North America.

Lockdown arrangements were adopted by the provinces and federally in March The textile and RMG industries were prominent in discussions with government at Federal level to press for exemptions from the various lockdown arrangements and the Ministry of Commerce agreed with the provinces, a series of measures to allow exporting enterprises to reopen. The various provinces developed and introduced standard operating procedures to be implemented in exempted enterprises.

The Sindh government utilised the Sindh Epidemic Diseases Act to introduce an order specifying that for the period of lockdown no workers were to be laid off and that workers prevented from working by the lockdown arrangements would be regarded as working on full pay.

These provisions were replaced by the provisions of the Sindh Emergency Relief Ordinancewhich also contains wider relief measures.

The notification and Ordinance have been challenged by a number of employers through a petition to the Sindh High Court. Those proceedings are on-going. The responses of individual enterprises have been mixed. The situation in Karachi has received most coverage but anecdotal evidence also indicates that similar conditions are being experienced in textile and RMG enterprises in Punjab.

An accurate picture of the impact on and needs of workers and enterprises in the sector is required. No government data is readily available. The project recently initiated a rapid assessment of the impacts upon workers.Through their organizations, workers and employers make tripartism and social dialogue a real life experience by applying them in practice.

Such support provided to the EOs and WOs helped them influence development and implementation of national policies and programs, social dialogue mechanism and institutions at both federal and provincial level, and to reform labour legislations, processes and institutions with a view to promote decent work agenda in Pakistan.

employers federation of pakistan jobs

Effective and innovative use of social media and creation of online groups of workers and employers helped fast dissemination of critical information on COVID Series of seminars are supported to create better understanding about workplace related OSH issues.

Moreover, ILO through its various interventions has helped raise the profile and visibility of the trade unions in sectors and areas where trade union activity was unknown. In addition, employers have contributed financially toward the child labour programmes. This modality can be classified as a best practice, as employers agree and contribute towards the eradication of child labour from their respective sectors and set up internal and external monitoring systems. These interventions have helped in sensitizing employers on the issue of child labour and have motivated them to work on occupational safety and health issues to retain adult workers.

These interventions have helped raise the profile of employers and have contributed towards improved social dialogue on these issues and have paved the way for social accountability.

Key resources Tripartism and social dialogue Through their organizations, workers and employers make tripartism and social dialogue a real life experience by applying them in practice.Goals scored in penalty shootouts do not count. If no club goalscorer then all stakes are returned. Top GoalscorerGoals scored in 90 minutes and extra-time count. Dead-heat rules apply (rather than the player receiving the Golden Boot etc).

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employers federation of pakistan jobs

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